Payment methods

Payment, shipping and delivery methods.

Before finalizing the order, the customer must choose one of the available payment methods. When finalizing the order, the customer will receive an confirmation email as well the indication of the necessary data to proceed with his payment in the selected method.

Purchases made will only be sent after payment confirmation. If, after 5 working days after placing the order, there is no record of any payment, the order will be canceled.

The processing of orders is only carried out after confirmation of the respective payment, therefore the store on the website cannot guarantee the availability of the articles on the date of the beginning ofprocessing.

If the ordered products are not available at the time of payment confirmation, the store will immediately inform the customer about the unavailability of the products and about the deadlines for the eventual replenishment of stock.

The customer may choose to reimburse the amounts paid for unavailable items or to wait for shipment after stock replacement.

The order will be sent by a carrier hired for the delivery service.

The shipment and delivery of orders only takes place on working days. Thus, to estimate the delivery time of orders, weekends and public holidays are not considered. Any delay in the shipment of items, given the estimated dates shown, does not give the customer the right to compensation.

The store on the website guarantees the delivery of orders to the address indicated by the customer.

The customer must ensure that the delivery address indicated at the time of purchase is correct and corresponds to a place where it is possible to do so.

A delivery is considered effected or a product is considered delivered with the signature of the delivery receipt at the indicated address.

Shipping fees are calculated per order, and the exact price of the shipping fee will depend on the weight of the order and the destination region / country. The shipping amount is specified at the end of the purchase. 

Shipping costs are associated with an order. If the customer orders more than one item in the same order, he/ she will only pay the shipping costs once. However, the store on the website reserves the right to split delivery of the order (for example, if part of the order is delayed or unavailable).

In case there is a need to split the order, the customer will be notified, by email, of this intention, using the email address provided by the customer for the purpose. time of purchase.

Shipping costs are fixed for Portugal (including Madeira and Azores), Spain, Rest of Europe and Rest of the World.

Upon delivery, the customer must inspect the packaging and the products shipped in order to ascertain any damage. If the customer finds that the products are damaged, he / she should not accept delivery of the order, which must be returned immediately.

The order is considered accepted if, after receiving the order, the customer does not return it within the next 14 days.

After the order has been registered, the respective payment has been confirmed and the availability of all the parts of your order has been verified, the store on the website undertakes to proceed with its shipment, observing the following delivery times:

Mainland Portugal, Madeira and Azores – delivery time expected up to 10 working days;

Spain and Rest of Europe – expected delivery time up to 12 working days;

Rest of the World – delivery time estimated up to 17 working days.

The store on the website will not be responsible for the non-fulfillment, or delay in the fulfillment, of any shipping obligation that has as a result of a force majeure event, that is, an event, act or omission, outside the reasonable control.

All prices shown in the store on the website include Value Added Tax (VAT).


Undelivered rders

If an order is not delivered for reasons related to the website (e.g. loss), the total amount paid will be refunded.

If the reason for the “non-delivery” is attributable to the customer, there will be no refund.


Canceled orders

The cancellation of an order is only possible if the payment has not yet been made and the order has not yet been processed.



Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding the operation of the store on the website