Capa de Disco Ventos e Mares

Ventos e Mares


After touring the country from north to south, taking the best of national music abroad and, above all, the best part of three decades in the studio and on stage, the Resistência knows well about the winds that push us forward and the seas that matter to cross. From this process, “Ventos e Mares” was born, a work, that brings together some of the most brilliant examples of the art of crossing words, namely Rui Reininho, Sérgio Godinho, João Monge and Jorge Palma, with melodies and arrangements that define us as a generation.

The title of the new work of the collective of Alexandre Frazão, Fernando Júdice, Fernando Cunha, José Salgueiro, Mário Delgado, Miguel Ângelo, Olavo Bilac, Pedro Jóia and Tim, remind us of the expression, of what we found when we walked a long way, resistance, the right metaphor for a rich, extensive and a full career –

Successes and, of course, some obstacles. “Ventos e Mares” opens with the classic “Sete Naves”, a GNR success, aligning creations from Quinta do Bill, dos Clã “Sopro do Coração” written by Sérgio Godinho), by Luís Represas with João Gil, Jorge Palma, Delfins and Xutos     & Pontapés. There is also space for a tribute to guitarist Dudas, a figure who made part of the Resistência path for more than two decades and who left the stage in 2015. The other special curtsey, of “Ventos e Mares” is dedicated to Pedro Ayres Magalhães, founding member of this project and author of many emblematic songs that continues to inspire the collective.

Resistência debuted in 1991, sowing “Palavras ao vento”, one of the greatest hits of this collective, marking the start of one of the most important decades in the history of Portuguese pop music. Afterwards, it was followed by “Mano a Mano”, in 1992, and the live album, “Ao Vivo no Armazém 22”, released the following year. They returned in 2014, with the album “Horizonte” and two years later they released “Ao Vivo Em Lisboa”, the album that would take Resistência directly the top of the national music scene sharts and step on the biggest stages in the country in truly triumphant concert.

2018 would mark the most recent return of Resistência to the albums with the edition of “Ventos e Mares”, one of the best works of this collective’s career, keeping alive the mission of celebrating Live the great Portuguese songbook. On November 22, 2019, “Ventos e Mares” had a special vinyl edition.