Resistência, one of the most spectacular and emblematic Portuguese music Bands of the first half of the 90s, supergroup responsible for some unforgettable successes.

The project founded by Pedro Ayres Magalhães, Fernando Cunha, Tim and Miguel Angelo, consisted in a joint of efforts between several musicians, coming from different bands, and the transformation, adaptation and new orchestration of the themes brought by them (and not only) for a strand of acoustic guitars, aimed at valuing the “voice” as an instrument, and with the combination of these same voices, showing the strength of the union. The interpretation of these themes took on a new life and a genuine soul.

This list of founding artists was joined by singer Olavo Bilac and musicians Alexandre Frazão on drums, Rui Luís Pereira (Dudas) and Fredo Mergner on guitars and also Fernando Judice and Yuri Daniel on bass and already on the “Palavras ao Vento” Tour percussionist, José Salgueiro.

The cast was thus complete with five main voices and five acoustic guitars, drums, percussion and Fernando Judice takes the bass for the tour.

The Band was inactivated by 1995, so the musicians returned to their own respective original projects.

In September 2012, the reissue of the material originally edited by Resistência in the box “Vozes de uma Geração” was one of the moments that inspired the group’s return, to make two concerts, one on December 19, 2012 at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, and another at Multiusos de Guimarães, on December 29, 2012, which coincidently marked the twenty years of the group’s live debut, where fortunately already with the participation of guitarists Pedro Joia and Mario Delgado, who became also part of the group.

After the amazing success of the concerts in Lisbon and Guimarães, they held two concerts in Porto on April 26 and 27, 2013 and participated in the Portugal Ao Vivo Festival, at Restelo stadium on June 22, since then, the group hasn’t interrupted their career activity and now they are preparing the celebration of the 30 years of existence in 2021.

Resistência is synonymous of history, pride and great songs.

They have true generational hymns like “Não sou o Único”, “Nasce Selvagem”, “A Noite” or “Amanhã é Sempre Longe Demais”, which make part of its most celebrated and applauded repertoire, the one, that due to its particular way of approaching great themes by mythical Portuguese groups; as Xutos & Pontapés, Delfins, Sitiados, Rádio Macau or Herois do Mar.

In 2015 they return to the studio to record the album – Horizonte.

Since then, they haven´t stopped doing concerts, from which stands out the memorable concert at Bataclam in Paris, which sold out several days before and which marked a special meeting with Portuguese generations living in Paris, who have a very strong identity and connection meaning with our language.

In 2016, in January they released the CD and DVD “Ao Vivo em Lisboa“, recorded at Coliseu dos Recreios.

In 2017, they enter to the studio again to record new themes, launching in September of that year, the 1st single with Jorge`s Palma Theme – “A Gente Vai Continue”.

In 2018, they released the new album “Ventos & Mares” where for the first time they recorded themes from Madredeus, Jorge Palma, GNR, Quinta do Bill and Santos e Pecadores.

Resistência has collected great milestones and very rich memories in its great journey and now is preparing to announce several surprises for the celebration of its 30 years of history in 2021, and as Jorge Palma says “As long there is a road… to go on…” the Resistência will continue to perform more songs of love and peace, togetherness and dreams to an audience of multiple generations who follow them closely…